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Sunday and kitchen

It is Sunday morning and I am in the kitchen making breakfast when I hear  ”Good morning,” and feel you throw your arms around my waist and kiss my neck.  I slowly turn around, your body still pressed up against mine, push you slowly against the edge of the kitchen counter and whisper into your mouth, “Good morning, beautiful” while nibbling on your lower lip.  

I pick you up and set you down on the counter.  Our lips still interlocked.  Your legs wrapped around my waist and I can feel certain wetness against it.  My hands caress your legs, rub them up and down.  Moving up, they slightly brush against your arms, stroke them.  

"Lift your arms," I say and remove your t-shirt and throw it to the floor. Hungry for your breasts, my mouth takes them and my teeth take your nipples between them. They tug on them.  Your head leans against the kitchen cabinets. A soft moan from your lips.

My right hand slides between your legs while my teeth still tug on your nipples.  ”Oh god,” you moan feeling two of my fingers slide inside you and third flick with your clit.  

I bring my lips to your left ear and whisper, “We’ll continue this after breakfast if you are a good little girl” and kiss your lips.

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teaching her to use her body


teaching her to use her body

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